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 An empty tan leather iPhone 12 case from Bullstrap

Why Bullstrap Makes the Best Cases for Your New iPhone 12

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Have you already gotten your hands on the new iPhone 12? Maybe you’re hoping a special someone will remember what’s on your Christmas wish list…

Regardless of how you get your iPhone 12, you know you’re going to need a fantastic case both to protect and show off your new baby. Lucky for you, here at Bullstrap, we’ve already got you covered with top-notch leather iPhone 12 cases.

Why Choose from Bullstrap’s iPhone 12 Leather Cases

You’re going to want a durable, yet aesthetically appealing iPhone case once you have your new gadget. To break it down, we’ve rounded up the top things that make Bullstrap cases so attractive: 

  • Timeless Style: Leather is a timeless material that people flock to no matter the era. A large part of this is due to the unique charm of leather that blends into any style you may have. 
  • High-End Materials: When it comes to timeless style, however, you want the real deal – none of this faux leather talk. At Bullstrap, all of our iPhone 12 cases are made of 100% genuine, supple, calf-skin leather. This means with proper care, your iPhone case will continue to last and look amazing for years to come. Cue our next point…  
  • Only Gets Better with Time: Like a fine wine, genuine leather only continues to get better with time. As real leather ages, it will develop according to how much sun exposure it’s had, along with the accumulation of natural body oils and the environment. That might sound weird, but trust us, a little dirt and sun does the leather well. As you use your new iPhone 12 leather case, you’ll develop a leather patina unique to you. 
  • Tactile Friendly: If you have a love for things that feel wonderful, then you absolutely have to have a Bullstrap leather phone case. Because of the high-end materials we use, our leather iPhone cases have a soft, supple feel that molds beautifully into the palm of your hand. Plus, leather has a better grip than other materials, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally letting your latest Apple purchase slip through your hands. 
  • Brilliant Functionality: Again, our iPhone 12  cases are more than meets the eye. The Bullstrap case is designed to help protect your new iPhone 12 from minor bumps and bumbles. If you choose the portfolio leather case, you also have the slick combination of having a case and wallet in one. The two minimalistic card slots on the back are perfectly stitched for credit cards, IDs, and business cards. 
  • Four Classic Colors: Last but not least, make your phone case yours by choosing from our unique set of colors. Our iPhone 12 leather cases range from Sienna, Bourbon, Ocean, and Black. Yes, function matters, but so does your style. 

Well, have we convinced you that our iPhone 12 cases are the high-end choice for your new phone? Let’s hope so. Our cases are available for preorder and will be rolling out near the end of November/beginning of December. Be sure to preorder your case now to ensure you’re one of the very first who snags their Bullstrap iPhone 12 case.

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Bullstrap Leather Case Reviews

A black leather iPhone 12 case from Bullstrap with a slot for credit cards on the back
Don’t worry, you don’t have to blindly take our word for it. Bullstrap has several reviews from leather iPhone cases past, where people have raved about both the portfolio and the classic case style. After reading a few reviews and feeling like it’s a good match for your new device, simply click that “preorder” button to guarantee your Bullstrap iPhone 12 leather case.