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7 Benefits of Leather iPhone Cases

December 16, 2020

A man’s hand holding an iPhone in its Bullstrap leather iPhone case with other Bullstrap products blurred out in the background

There are several benefits to leather. From bags and backpacks to phone cases and wallets, we believe in high-end leather here at Bullstrap. 

But what are the specific benefits of leather iPhone cases? How do you know if that’s the kind of case you need? While we believe everyone deserves to wrap their precious iPhone babies in our luxury leather iPhone cases, we’ve compiled a list of specific reasons why you’ll want to choose a Bullstrap leather iPhone case over the generic ones at the mall kiosk.

 7 Benefits of Bullstrap Leather iPhone Cases:

  1. Durable - When cared for properly, leather lasts for a long time! Not only does it last for years, but the patina of your leather will continue to develop, making your iPhone case uniquely yours.
  1. Shock Resistant - The supple calfskin leather we use for our leather iPhone cases is naturally a shock-resistant material, that can help protect your phone from minor bumps. We do, however, suggest you take good care of both your iPhone and the case to ensure the longevity of both.
  1. Business-Friendly - The Bullstrap leather iPhone cases look classy! The professional style of leather means you no longer need to be embarrassed when you pull your phone out of your backpack or briefcase. Unlike cartoon styled cases and crazy patterns, our leather iPhone cases show subtle sophistication that’s much more welcome in your place of business.
  1. Textured - As we mentioned, Bullstrap’s leather iPhone cases are made of real calfskin leather, which means there is a natural pebbled texture across the entire case. This pebbled consistency provides subtle grooves that make it comfortable to hold and easier to grip. Combine this pebbled texture with the softness of the calfskin, and you’ve got a phone case you won’t want to put down (and even if you do, the grippy texture won’t let you off so easily: You’ll be thankful). 
  1. Aesthetically Pleasing - Leather iPhone cases give your phone a high-quality look that pairs well with just about anything. Carry your phone in any bag or backpack or holster in your pocket with any outfit, and rest assured that your phone is never going to clash with your style. Plus, it pairs nicely with our other leather accessories. 
  1. Thermal Balance - Leather is one of the better materials when it comes to keeping the thermal balance of your phone (just another one of our favorite leather benefits). Because of the nature of leather, being a porous skin, it allows heat to escape and cool air to penetrate. Choosing leather for your iPhone case will help distribute heat when you play games or watch videos on your phone to help prevent the phone from overheating.
  2. Water Barrier - Did you know you can easily waterproof high-end leather to give your phone a natural water barrier? While having a leather iPhone case will not prevent damage when a phone is dropped in a pool of water, it can help deflect subtle raindrops or minor splashes. If properly cared for, the leather will simply deflect the water and allow it to roll right off. See, it’s more than just a nice aesthetic.

Bullstrap’s Leather iPhone Cases

Here at Bullstrap, we have two unique styles of leather iPhone cases: our classic case and our portfolio design. The main difference? The portfolio style upgrades the case into a case/wallet combo with two stitched card holders attached to the back of the case. This is ideal for those who want to always have their driver’s license, credit cards, or even business cards on hand. Both styles are made from high-end calfskin leather and are available in four different rugged colors.

Did you recently get the newest iPhone? Our iPhone 12 leather cases (both classic and portfolio) are available for preorder today.

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