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Man sitting on the dirty ground showing off his leather lace-up boots

10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe with Leather

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Leather is a trend that has lasted through the decades and continues to make a stand amongst professional and casual wearers alike. Leather is not only timeless because of its durability and longevity but for the sophisticated appearance, tactile experience, and so much more!

Because we believe so strongly in leather here at Bullstrap, we’ve compiled 10 different ways you can add leather to your wardrobe this year and look better than ever. From clothing and wearables to accessories, we promise you’ll love your leather looks.

Leather Clothing

1. The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket: not strictly a biker club piece. A leather jacket gives off the right amount of confidence with a touch of edginess to let people know who’s in charge. Take your leather jacket anywhere from weekend adventures to the conference room.

2. Leather Belts

We know how functional leather belts are when it comes to keeping those pants in place. Yet, they also make a statement. Whether your belt says “I mean business” or “I’m here for the bourbon,” it’s the type of piece that will add a little something to any look.

3. Leather Boots

From work boots and hiking boots to flirtatious knee highs, leather boots come in many different styles and shapes. Leather boots not only look rugged, but they hold up well, they protect your feet, and they look good even when they’re scuffed up a bit.

4. Leather Shoes

Bring home the bacon in classic businessman attire. Leather oxfords and loafers are a must-have for any man that owns a suit or pair of slacks.

Leather Wearables

5. Leather Backpack

You can find a leather backpack to fit any style: professional, playful, adventurous, hipster, classic, you name it! Leather backpacks hold up well, they age beautifully, they’re easy on the shoulders, and they take things up a notch from your ratty grade-school backpack. Why wouldn’t you choose a leather backpack for work, travel, and daily wear?

Man pulling his laptop out of his leather backpack & A leather backpack hanging from a pole in the middle of a jungle landscape

6. Leather Book Bag or Briefcase

The leather book bag or briefcase is a great alternative if a backpack simply isn’t your thing. Many businessmen will choose a briefcase over a backpack to accommodate their suit; others choose it to accommodate their laptop or files. Regardless of the reason, a book bag or briefcase makes great leather wearables that function as remarkably as they look.

Leather Accessories

7. Leather Wallet

Because who doesn’t love a classic, leather wallet? Take supple calfskin elegantly sewn into a functional, card-holding accessory, and you get perfection. A leather wallet not only looks good, but it holds up to the constant chafe of denim pockets, being sat on,  the constant unfolding and folding, etc.

A black leather wallet holding a few dollar bills & pulling out a business card from their brown leather wallet

8. Leather iPhone Case

Make a statement with a leather iPhone case. What’s the statement? You’re professional, you know how to look classy, you value good quality,  and… you LOVE leather.

A blue leather iPhone case standing against a speaker next to an Apple watch

9. Leather Watch Straps

You paid a lot for that watch, so don’t let it slide off your wrist to the ground so easily! Keep it safe with a leather watch strap that’s not only tough and durable but equally handsome. Let’s face it, silicone, rubber, and metal watch straps irritate your skin, pull your arm hair, and drive you nuts! Maintain your style – and your sanity –  by choosing genuine leather watch bands. Want to go the extra mile? You can find custom leather watch straps that are literally tailored to you and you alone.

A leather AirPod case, Airpods, and an Apple watch with a variety of leather watch straps near each other

10. Leather AirPod Case

Like your iPhone or watch, you paid good money for your precious AirPods, and we know just how slippery the original cases are. Take your AirPods to the next level by protecting them in a full leather exterior, with double nylon stitching and microfiber internal lining. Leather will protect your pods from scratches, dust, and accidental drops (we’ve all been there). Design meets function with a leather AirPod case. Why not give your AirPods the best protection?

Leather Airpod cases beside Airpods and a leather watch strap

Leather Up with Bullstrap

Genuine leather, 10 different ways. How will you embrace the leather trend this year? Are you already browsing for a new pair of boots? Maybe you’re realizing you need a matching leather iPhone case and leather AirPod case.  Whatever it is, we hope you’ll join us here at Bullstrap in making the world just a little bit more sophisticated.

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