FRee first-class shipping on orders $100+

FRee first-class shipping on orders $100+


All of our products are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more about our one-year manufacturer's warranty.

We also offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for The Charging Cable(s), so you can rest assured that your cable will stand the test of time. Only cables purchased after January 2020 are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.


If your charging cable malfunctions or fails to perform, you may be eligible for a free replacement (Terms & Conditions apply).

To obtain service under this Warranty, please contact our Customer Support team with the following information in order to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution:

- Proof of purchase

- Photo/Video of the faulty product

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects that occur within the range of normal usage. If your cable breaks, tears, or simply stops working, we will replace it up to 92 years after purchase. This warranty does not cover the intentional destruction of the cable or replacements due to loss or theft.


To file a claim for your warranty, please fill-out the Warranty Claim form on our website under Customer Service.

Please note, to receive a free replacement, you may be asked to send the faulty product to Native Union. Full warranty terms & conditions can be found below.