Our Purpose

Inspire people to enjoy life. It's what we do!

It's about...


Here at Bullstrap, we strive to be a vessel of comfort and support for our customers and those around us. Our goal is to give back to our community by making products that enhance life and offer exceptional expereinces on a daily basis.

It's about...

Helping Others.

At the heart of our company, we are doing all we can to build a billion dollar company that gives back 10% of our annual profits to help those in need. We know it sounds wild, but it's what keeps us going. The dream that we can make a positive impact on others by giving back to the community around us.

In summation...

Giving is how Bullstrap fulfills it's ultimate purpose.

Thank you for playing an integral part in helping us achieve our goal!

What Bullstrap is all about? - from CEO, Claudio Conte

Our Core Values

Leading by Example: Taking initiative, taking risk, and taking names.

Do unto Others: It’s our modus operandi. In work and in life.

Grow or Die: Whether individually or as a team/company, growth is what we’re after. Even if it costs us our lives! (Well, something like that)

Forward Thinking: Constantly innovating with our product concepts, designs, and marketing.

Boboddy: This one’s a bit of an inside joke, but let’s just say that it means we don’t take ourselves too seriously ;)


(Chief Epicness Officer)

Meet our co- founder, Claudio Conte. "A CPA by day, Batman by night."

Claudio is responsible for managing our people, products, vision, and growth here at Bullstrap. Without him, things would be chaos.

The Creative

Meet our co-founder, Mason Hoza. "Basically van Gogh, but with both ears."

If you are "seeing it", it's because of this guy. Mason is our lead product designer and chief for all things visual here at Bullstrap.

Enjoy Your Journey ...