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A Bullstrap leather Apple Watch band, leather wallet, and gift cards in focus with a lit Christmas tree in the background.

Top 5 Leather Gifts for Your Man this Christmas

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Holiday shopping is hard. It just is. It’s especially hard when you’re trying to get your man that perfect gift but it feels like he already has everything he needs…yeah, we’ve been there. Luckily, we have a new route for you to take this Christmas, and it involves all things leather. We’re talking about a leather Apple Watch band, a leather wallet, and a leather iPhone case to name a few ideas.

Don’t give your man something boring this year (looking at you, socks). Give him something he’ll rave about to his buddies or coworkers; give him something he’ll actually use!

Why Choose Leather Products?

For starters, leather products are all the rage this year. What are we saying? Leather products have been all the rage for years! There’s a reason the material is timeless. Why else should you choose leather? We’ve got four solid reasons:

  • Like we said, leather is a timeless style (plus, it makes your man look amazing). 
  • Leather is tough, durable, and long-lasting. 
  • Both the function and aesthetic only get better with time and use, making it the ultimate lifelong gift.
  • Leather is very tactile, with a pebbled feel that works well with accessories.

Top 5 Leather Products of 2020

Now that we’ve convinced you leather is the way to go this Christmas, let’s talk about which leather products for men are best.

Is Your Man an Apple Brand Man?

If he owns Apple everything (pretty standard nowadays), then our first three leather gifts are just for him!

Leather Apple Watch Band

A brown leather Apple Watch Strap is shown on a dark background

It’s amazing what a difference the band can make for an Apple Watch. Turn any Apple Watch into a stylish timepiece by adding a touch of leather. Our Bullstrap Italian leather watch straps are crafted from 100% pure calfskin and stitched with a reinforced durable linen thread to ensure longevity and durability.

See your Apple Watch come to life not only the day you attach these new straps but over the years as the leather ages. Like a fine wine, it only gets better with time.

Leather iPhone Case

Bullstrap leather iPhone Cases placed on a plain, dark background

A leather iPhone case is the perfect tactile addition to your go-to gadget. The rugged, yet smooth feel of the leather provides a great grip that cradles right into your hand. 

With four bold color options, you are sure to find the perfect look for your man.

Leather AirPods Case

A genuine leather Airpods case placed on a plain, dark background

What better way to bring the whole look together than to include a sleek leather case for your man’s AirPods? 

Our leather AirPods case has a full-leather exterior with double nylon stitching and a microfiber internal lining to protect those AirPods from scratches or dust. Plus, if you own AirPods, you know how slippery their original cases can be. Don’t let your man risk dropping those puppies; get him a grippy case. The style also pairs perfectly with the leather iPhone case and leather Apple Watch band, so your guy can have it all.

Not an Apple Man?

That’s okay! We’ll try not to hold it against him… as long as he’d appreciate a new leather wallet or backpack!

Leather Wallet

There’s no better vessel for your cards and cash than a leather wallet with a slim design. At Bullstrap, we offer two sleek designs in two colors: Terra and Black.

Money Clip
The money clip has six card slots, a center cash pocket, a magnetic clip, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking. This wallet has more of a vertical profile with beautiful outer stitching. Your man will love how the patina of this wallet changes and morphs over time.
A leather money clip wallet placed on a plain, dark background

Card Holder
The card holder leather wallet has four card slots, a center cash pocket, and RFID blocking, as well. This wallet has more of a horizontal profile with the same beautiful stitching as the money clip. Choose either the tan color or the deep, sultry black in either design.

A black horizontal card holder wallet placed on a plain, dark background

Rugged Leather Backpack

A durable leather backpack from Bullstrap placed on a plain, dark background

What better way to carry around these new leather accessories than with a rugged leather backpack?? Just like our wallets, the Bullstrap backpack comes in two colors: Terra and Black. Not only does this backpack look outdoorsy and slick, but it functions like a dream too. 

Made of premium calfskin with a microfiber/suede lining, our rugged backpack is meant for any journey. Plus, with the luxury of leather, this backpack will continue to age beautifully with time as the patina wears in patterns specific to your man’s adventures.

Gifting Made Easy

How’s that for a leather gift guide? Whether you end up going with a leather Apple Watch band or just want to play it safe and get your man a gift card, you can’t go wrong with Bullstrap. We’re here to deliver quality leather products your man is sure to thank you for… again and again… and again. 

Ready to get him that perfect gift? Head to Bullstrap to find what’s calling his name. Good luck!