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Premium Apple Watch Bands Your Neighbor Won't Have

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Tired of keeping up with the Joneses and always trying to prove yourself? Lucky for you, Bullstrap can help you up the status quo when it comes to premium Apple watch bands. Your neighbors are sure to be eying you and will be wishing they knew what brand you’ve been sporting on your wrist.

Fashion, in general, is all about quality and effortless styling techniques. Whether you are a businessman by trade, a recreational baller, or wanting to spend a night out on the town, we have the perfect accessory for you. With Apple accessories including high-quality Apple watch straps, you know your neighbor won’t have, you will leave them wishing they looked as good as you do. But remember, stay humble.

Upgrade your Apple watch and set out to make competition and comparison scarce, as you don’t have time for that nonsense. Do you prefer timeless leather or sleek metal high-end Apple watch straps? Our straps are adaptable to any Apple watch, regardless of the series. 

Bullstrap creates long-lasting, luxury, and classic Apple accessories. To effectively pull your outfit, style, and look together, we couldn’t help but design unique Apple watch straps specifically for you. Dress it up or dress it down – there are endless possibilities with a premium watch band.

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Bullstrap makes Premium Apple Watch Bands, Ideal for Any Lifestyle

Timeless, Durable Leather Apple Watch Straps

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When it comes to leather, it’s difficult not to automatically associate classic, high-end, and timeless products – from the wild west to modern-day staples. Built to last and only getting better with age, an Apple watch leather band will develop character the more it is worn. 

At first, the leather might seem stiff on your wrist, but as you wear it consistently and as it gets exposed to natural elements, it loosens up and becomes more flexible – making it mold to your wrist and resulting in the perfect fit.

With superior craftsmanship, our leather Apple watch straps are cut from 100% pure calfskin and sourced from top tanneries in Italy. Each leather band; whether it be: Terra, Vintage, Classic, or Black Edition are unique to the animal hide the band is cut from. Containing small impurities, the leather contains a specific pattern, unmatched by any other. Therefore, your strap will be unique and original to you. And only you. Our leather watch straps are also backed with a thin layer of soft leather to ensure durability and provide reinforcement.

To us, it’s all in the details and we have stitched every custom leather watch strap with linen thread. Each color of the leather strap can be finished with either brushed silver or black stainless-steel hardware, creating a seamless transition to your Apple watch face.

With a smooth texture, perfect for everyday use, this rich-in-color accessory will be compatible with any outfit, event, or activity. Regardless of the pattern of your socks, shoes, or belt – a leather superior Apple Watch band will be versatile. Being easy to wear, this accessory will quickly become your new favorite.

If a patina -aged lived-in leather is not your style, don’t worry as we also have metal straps available for a modern touch on an old classic. Take your watch from a solid 3 to an 11 and don’t look back.

Visit Bullstrap, Make Dreams Come True.

Indestructible and Sleek Metal Apple Watch Bands

Stylized image of a Silver Metal Bullstrap Apple watch band

Resembling a more traditional watch strap, that is still compatible with your Apple watch – a metal or stainless-steel watch bracelet can be a great fit. Providing an elevated and sleek appearance to a rather techy accessory this style of band is perfect to help seal the deal at corporate events or escort your date on a night out. 

Engineered with a folding, locking clasp for added strength and security, our metal high-end Apple watch straps are incomparable with precision-cut channels. Made of pure, solid stainless steel with a brushed finish these straps are comfortable and long-lasting. A chain-link style makes the band flexible to wear.

Easily adjustable to fit any size of wrist, a security-pin tool is included to help you find the right size. These metal watch bands won’t lose shape regardless of how hard you are on them. With unparalleled breathability and smooth to the touch, the lugs and buckles are forged at the same time, making the strap one cohesive piece. Each link of the chain is molded individually, allowing it to conform around your wrist and making it comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time.

Improve your statement with one watch band. Available in Black Edition and Silver, you can select the perfect color to complement your Apple watch finish. 

Why Bullstrap

Your neighbor might have a really nice job, bring in $200K+ a year, and have the newest Tesla, but we all know he won’t be wearing a premium Apple watch band. Set yourself apart, as you were never made to compete with the Joneses at the end of the block.

There will always be someone who will have something nicer or better than you, but now you have Bullstrap. Built for your journey, elevate your lifestyle with a luxury Apple watch band. With other premium Apple accessories available, you can change up all of your favorite tech products all while looking effortlessly put-together.

Nothing is better than how greatness feels. So, stop wasting time comparing yourself to your neighbors and buy a Bullstrap.

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