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Premium iPhone Cases not for the Average Bro

Claudio Conte -

Everyone has an iPhone and probably a case to protect this fine necessity. Smartphones are an absolute must in our everyday lives. With the modern capabilities and daily functions accessible with the click of a button -- there is not a day that goes by where we are not connected to something or someone. 

But have you ever wondered how to set yourself apart when everyone is encouraged to look the same? In a world of manufactured similarities where everyone wants to be like each other, do you ever wonder “how do I survive when I was born to stand out?”

The answer is simple – invest in a premium iPhone case.

Learn to accessorize with confidence and know exactly how to pull an outfit together as you elevate your look with a leather iPhone case. Fess up — you already have a leather belt, shoes, and watchband so why not continue the trend to the device you use consistently? Just like all of your other favorite accessories, your phone should match – get it all leathered up. 

Nothing is as classic as a hand-made leather piece, mixing tradition with functionality. Be on top of your accessorizing game and you’ll have all the dudes looking to you for fashion advice. 

Luxury leather goods have been around for centuries and are continuing to grow in popularity. As a textile, it is strong and just keeps coming back into style. Return to your roots as you invest in an accessory that only gets better with time. 

Let’s see why premium iPhone cases are the bee’s knees: 

Ocean blue iPhone case in man's pocket

Protection and High Performance

Luxury leather cases are sleek and durable offering mid-range protection to your mobile device. Although they won’t protect from serious drops or falls; it will minimize scratches, bumps, and scraps through the regular wear and tear. Your phone will be exposed to countless dangers and can take quite the beating – especially when pulling it in and out of your back pocket or clipped to your hip. 

The design of most premium cases features a lifted front lip to prevent the screen from making contact when placed face down. As a durable and flexible fabric, leather fits securely around the curves of your iPhone without adding additional bulk or weight. The bottom of the iPhone is usually exposed as the charging port and speaker are featured here. A leather case will not allow you to sacrifice performance for style.

With a functional new case, your phone will be upgraded to a new class. With a genuine leather case, you will have protection from sharp objects, liquid, and dust.

Built for the Ages

Make your phone a luxury iPhone with a premium leather case. If you want to only invest in one phone case and have it last for years, consider a genuine leather phone case. With time, the texture will change creating a vintage appeal and develop into an ageless accessory you can quickly add to any outfit.

Leather is a resilient material and is considered to be one of the most durable. Other materials will stain or get damaged, whereas leather will uphold its original form because it is specially treated to enhance its functionality and durability. Regardless of the exposure, leather will continue to mature and build character making the phone case unique to you. Reacting to the oils in your hands, the luxury leather case will conform to you and how you use it. 

It is possible for the case to develop some discoloration, but don’t worry as this creates originality. Some folks like this look and some don’t, but ultimately the choice is yours. Naturally, the case will change around the edges and around the buttons as this is a consistent point of contact when operating your phone.

Leather provides better thermal performance, when compared to other materials, making it a great option for a phone case. Being shock absorbent, it will also protect your device from extreme temperatures. Being easy to clean, it will be low maintenance in the long-run. Retaining its color, structure, or pattern for many years to come, if you are going for durability a leather case should be number one.

A premium case, made of leather, will not peel or crack. If it appears to have small scratches or impurities when you look closely– don’t fear as those are an indicator the leather is of the highest quality and not man-made. Embrace the imperfections, as it was perfectly designed. 

It Can Be Good Looking, Too.

Brown Leather iPhone case next to man typing on computer

Make you guy friends envious of the classy premium iPhone case you show off every time you go out. With a natural patina developing as you use it; the leather should be soft to the touch. Sleek, timeless, and a fashion-forward statement this new addition to your accessories is sure to help you stand out.  

Some premium cases have variegated designs and some even have a wallet section built into the back. Make accessibility easier as you reach for your credit cards and have all of your necessities in one place. Being highly functional and trendy, a well-made case will make all the difference. 

Simply choose a style and design that is best for you. Take into consideration your style preferences and tastes, as you are the only one you have to impress. In a crowd, it can be difficult to identify your phone, but with an iPhone leather case luxury, you can identify it easily. 

Body image, self-esteem, and confidence are all impacted by what you wear and this ultimately influences your attitude. Purchase an accessory you don’t have to think twice about, as you will be turning heads.

Past or Present, This iPhone Case is the Now.

Take yourself back to your roots with a leather product that is always in style and the iconic symbol of strong priorities. Lasting throughout the ages, this durable and natural textile will survive years and even generations. 

Think about it, your grandpa has had the same leather boots your entire life and they tell their own story. Do the same with a device you use every day, your phone.

Heritage, roots, the good ol’ days – all phrases wanting to connect you with the past and evaluate how you got here? 

As a human being, it is important for you to connect and be exposed to natural objects. Get out there and get your hands dirty. If you live in suburbia, this can be hard because you are exposed to synthetic or man-made objects and products, including the food you eat on the daily. Unnatural and man-made products used consistently can become harmful to the body and leave you feeling itchy or developing rashes. Genuine leather will not give you any of these side effects. It is even biodegradable even though it has been chemically treated.  

Leather phone cases should be comfortable to wear consistently. As your phone is exposed to a variety of situations, you will quickly learn with a leather case it will be resistant to fire, dry abrasion, and waterproof.

Minimize dust mites, fungal attacks, and lint even though your phone is susceptible to bacteria and a magnet for rough encounters. Your luxury accessory will last through it all as it is a timeless staple. 

Flexibility Meets Versatility

Coinciding with being stylish, this accessory will allow you to go to the gym, work, or just be casual. Whether you strive to be a fashion connoisseur or be the effortlessly put-together wingman, a luxury iPhone case is flexible. When first handling a leather product, it will appear to be stiff but it will loosen up as you wear it. The way the leather is treated accounts for breathability, making it durable but long-lasting. 

Being tough, leather only gets better with age. The more you use it, the more the material will bend and mold. Creating an authentic shape, it will mold to your lifestyle.

Built tough and influenced by generations before you, you were meant to make a difference and stand apart from your friends. Invest in a stylish, timeless, and flexible premium iPhone case that will be durable and protect your most-used device. Accessorize the right way by upgrading your phone case to a genuine leather one, where you can effortlessly make a statement with a luxurious piece.

Who We Are and How Bullstrap is Made

Blue premium iphone case being held by a man

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With a team of craftsmen, we set out to help you always look your best regardless of your experience in the fashion department. With our products you know you will look good.

Unmatched, we have durable and long-lasting products to help you improve your class and you can be authentic to who you are. Using only superior supplies, textiles, and designs, we know you have a story worth telling. Using top-class tanneries in Italy, your piece will be unique to you. 

Give your accessories maximum protection with a durable, yet eye-catching luxury leather accent – you are sure to make your bros jealous. 

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