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13 must have products to compliment your Bullstrap lifestyle

March 10, 2020

13 must have products to compliment your Bullstrap lifestyle

Bullstrap Team Favorites...


Well, ever since you picked up your Bullstrap gear, you’re off to a good start when it comes to stepping up your accessory game. However, there is still plenty of room to grow. Our team has curated this list of 13 items that pair perfectly with your newly discovered lifestyle as THE alpha male!


1. If you’re anything like the guys around the Bullstrap office, beard care is a high priority. The organic beard kit from Naturenics has been the favorite of our bearded champions and will likely be yours as well.


2. A man’s hair is his prized possession. Keep it styled in an anti-gel way with our friend Hair Dough’s matte styling fiber. This stuff is used by our co-founder Mason on an almost daily basis.



3. A well-crafted knife should be a staple in every man’s personal inventory. However, a great blade can often come at a steep cost. Introducing the Pilar by CRKT, a well balanced, compact-style knife that is durable, well crafted and WON’T break the bank.



4. Whether you’re going out for a drink with your friends or simply looking for a little added warmth and style, you can’t go wrong with a flannel-lined jacket from the dudes over at Legendary Whitetails. Find the color that works best with your style, trust us, it’ll become an icon in your wardrobe



5. A chukka boot is arguably one of the most versatile shoes a guy can own, and our friends over at Clark’s do it best! With a large selection of leather finishes and colors, there’s really no reason to not have a pair of these in the closet.



6. We’d be crazy if we didn’t try and recommend our best-selling case for your favorite musical companion: AirPods. News flash, without a case, your earbuds look like a pack of Tic-Tacs. Don’t be a Tic-Tac guy, step up your AirPod’s fashion game while protecting them in the process.



7. Simple, versatile, and just all-around cool? Yeah, that’s the same way we’d describe these paracord bracelets from Chasing Fin.



8. Men are not usually classified as candle-lovers. But after throwing a couple of these bad boys in the office, you’re damn right we are candle-loving-guys. Don’t worry, this doesn’t smell like lavender or a fake coconut paradise. But, it does smell like the man-cave you’ve been trying to build for the majority of your life.



9. Campfires, cigars, and candles all have one thing in common, you need fire to get them started. Keep a flame on you at all times, and do it in timeless-style with a Classic, Zippo lighter.



10. To no surprise, the pursuit of beautiful fragrance starts in the shower. Keep your skin smelling superb while cleaning off oil, dirt, and grime with Miner’s Mint hand-cut soap.

11. Nothing sets the mood for productivity, romance, and relaxation like lighting. Take the desk lamp from AUKEY and you’ve got every mood covered. We have one of these guys in every office here at the Bullstrap HQ. AUKEY provides soft, white light for daily productivity and color-changing settings for setting the mood for everything else. Oh yeah, it’s also touch-sensitive so you never have to flip a switch.



12. The way you smell is a critical component to your social success. Nothing pushes your scent game forward like a fresh, solid cologne. Take the king of solid cologne, Duke Cannon, and pair him with the best bourbon distillery on the planet, Buffalo Trace, and you have the perfect blend of clean and musky.



13. Jeans are few and far between in regards to fit and comfort. For our taste, the No-Sweat-Pants from DU/ER are a go-to. These bad boys are built for everyday wear without the uncomfortable “pinch” from common denim.


Now it's time to blow your girlfriend away with your new sense of style... there's no turning back.



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