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20% off site wide sale!

20% off site wide sale!

SALE Portfolio iPhone Cases | Sienna


SALE Portfolio iPhone Cases | Sienna



SALE Portfolio iPhone Cases



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Our Bullstrap® Portfolio iPhone cases are crafted from supple, calfskin leather and refined into an unstoppable fusion of texture, aroma, and security. 

The two minimal style card-slots on the back are perfectly stitched for credit cards, ID's, and business cards. 

Made from the finest materials, your Bullstrap® Portfolio Case will come to life creating a beautiful patina unique to your lifestyle.

*The iPhone 12 Mini only has ONE (1) card slot on the back due to its size.


  • Our products are built to last. However, sometimes sh*t happens. If it does, we have your back. Forever. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty Policy here.


*Note for International Orders

  • VAT, Taxes and Duties are applied on shipments received from US in some countries. Although we try to provide you with the best shipping experience on all International orders, Bullstrap® is not responsible for fees or taxes applied by your government. Refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more information.

Is this product really covered by a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, it’s real. And it’s awesome. If you want to read some legal nonsense, you can learn more about our Lifetime Warranty policy here. But suffice it to say, we’ve got you covered.


Are Bullstrap products waterproof?

While our high-quality genuine leather Bullstrap products are splash/water resistant, we do not recommend submerging it in water as it will cause the leather to darken considerably and become more firm. Using a damp cloth to clean the leather is okay. 


How many cards fit in the portfolio case?

Our Portfolio iPhone cases allow for 1-2 cards per slot, adding more than the recommended amount will stretch the stitching and potentially damage the case.


Are your cases compatible with wireless charging?

All of our iPhone cases are compatible with QI (standard) wireless chargers. Including our Portfolio iPhone cases (even if they have IDs/cards inside them).


Can a pop socket be used on Bullstrap cases?

Yes. Pop sockets work with Bullstrap cases. However, we’re not sure why you would want to interrupt the beauty of your case with a plastic circle…