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Why Do We Chrome-Tan Our Leather?

Why Do We Chrome-Tan Our Leather?

Ryan Huron -

Different Leather for Different Products

Here at Bullstrap, we know leather. We know that the type of leather used can make a big difference in the functionality and aesthetics of a product. That's why we use a variety of different types of leathers on different products, based on their unique needs and intended use.

Why We Use Chrome-Tanned Leather

However, we are unflinchingly rigid when it comes to making sure that every product meets our quality standards. That means strategically using the best tanning method possible for each type of product. We primarily utilize chrome-tanned leather for a variety of reasons.

  • Soft and Supple: First and foremost, chrome-tanned leather is incredibly soft and supple, which makes it ideal for use in garments and accessories.
  • Resistant to Elements: The leather is also more resistant to water, heat, and wear than vegetable-tanned leather, which makes it a better choice for items that will be exposed to the elements.
  • Versatile for Fashion: Additionally, chrome-tanned leather holds colors extremely well and is available in a wider range of finishes. This makes it far more versatile for use in fashion and accessories. It allows us to create more vibrant/colorful iPhone accessory colors such as Sienna, South Beach, and Ocean.   

Why We Avoid Vegetable Tanning

Okay, so this isn’t totally true… we vegetable tan some of our leather Apple Watch straps. But veg tanning has become increasingly more popular among leather enthusiasts for reasons we can’t understand (maybe because it sounds “organic”, haha). 

The reality is vegetable tanned leather has its pros and its application for specific types of products, but generally, we tend to not use it for a few reasons.

  • Stiffer and Less Pliable: For one, vegetable-tanned leather can be stiffer and less pliable than chrome-tanned leather, which can make it more difficult to work with for certain applications.
  • More Susceptible to Water Damage: Additionally, the leather is more susceptible to water damage and can stain easily, which makes it less suitable for items that will be exposed to moisture.
  • Limited Colors and Finishes: Finally, vegetable-tanned leather is only available in a limited range of colors and finishes, which makes it less versatile.

Enjoy Your Journey with Bullstrap

Of course, there are certainly instances and uses where vegetable tanning might be preferred. But for what we offer at Bullstrap, we've found that for the most part, chrome-tanning is the best way to Enjoy Your Journey!

When you purchase a Bullstrap product, you can rest assured that you're getting the best quality leather that is suited specifically to your product's intended use. And with our commitment to quality and design, you can trust that your Bullstrap product will be a stylish and functional addition to your daily life.