lifetime warranty / free US shipping

lifetime warranty / free US shipping

Leather Apple Watch Strap | Terra


Leather Apple Watch Strap | Terra



Leather Apple Watch Strap



Apple Watch Size

Designed for Apple Watch®

We tracked down the best resources and suppliers in Italy to craft 100% pure calfskin watch straps. Designed to meet our highest expectations so that we can exceed yours.

Sourced from top-class tanneries in Italy, the Terra Bullstrap® will come to life as the leather ages over time, creating a patina unique to you and your lifestyle.

Stitched to perfection with a stronger suture, each Bullstrap is reinforced with durable linen thread and a soft leather backing to ensure longevity & durability.  

Choose between Brushed Silver or Black 316L Stainless Steel Hardware.

NOTE: Due to the unique finish and leather pattern of this product, your strap may not perfectly match the straps in the photos above.

Wrist Sizes: 

The 44/42mm strap will fit wrists up to 215mm. The 40/38mm strap fits up to 180mm.


  • Our products are built to last. However, sometimes sh*t happens. If it does, we have your back. Forever. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty Policy here.


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Is this product really covered by a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, it’s real. And it’s awesome. If you want to read some legal nonsense, you can learn more about our Lifetime Warranty policy here. But suffice it to say, we’ve got you covered.


Are Bullstrap products waterproof?

While our high-quality genuine leather Bullstrap products are splash resistant, we do not recommend submerging it in water as it will cause the leather to darken considerably and become more tough.

Using a gentle damp cloth to clean the leather is ok.


Will the leather strap fit my wrist?

We typically say that the strap will fit the following wrist sizes for the respective Apple Watch sizes:

38/40mm watch: Fits wrist sizes between 125-185mm

42/44mm watch: Fits wrist sizes between 145-215mm


Why does the leather seem bulky/stiff on my wrist? 

Like all new leather products, Bullstrap's beautiful set of leather Apple watch straps need a little time and wear to 'break-in' and perfectly fit the contour of your wrist. After just several days of wear, the leather loosens, becomes far more comfortable, and begins to develop a patina unique to your lifestyle.


What is the width of your strap?

Our 38/40mm watch strap is 22mm wide, and our 42/44mm strap is 24mm wide.

Type: Apple Watch


Our products are built to last. However, sometimes sh*t happens. If it does, we have your back!


Our straps are crafted with full-grain Italian Leather, 316L stainless-steel hardware, and durable nylon stitching...


Each strap is hand-finished with non-invasive dyes which color the leather without affecting the natural texture.


No two straps are the same. With time, your strap will develop a beautiful, deep patina!