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A Classic Timepiece Watch, But With iMessage

Is that not the dream? If your Rolex or your Breitling could show you your text messages or give you a football score update, you would probably go to bed wearing that thing. Unfortunately, we can’t add that functionality to your high-end watch, but we can make your fully functional Apple Watch feel more like that classic timepiece. These metal straps are forged with absurdly high quality stainless steel, so not only will the look mimic that of a more sophisticated watch brand but it’s going to feel like one too!

Guaranteed to Live, Guaranteed for Life

These metal watch bands are forged from military-grade stainless steel and as such they are not afraid of a little turbulence, but in the event of some freak accident that might compromise our watch band’s structural integrity, we’ve got your back. We’re just as badass as you are (okay, probably not but we’re trying) and that’s why we cover all our products for life.

Metal Apple Watch Straps